the mood of fish

"I want to know the mood of fish"

If you are an angler,
you should have thought of it once.

The thrill of catching fish has never changed.
The desire to know more about fish has not changed, either.

Our goal is to unravel the mood of fish
by combining the anglers' wisdom with IoT and Big data.

What matters is in the water

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Fish are in the water.
No matter how much people observe,
there is still something we can’t understand about what is happening in the water.

What is the comfortable temperature for fish?
How bright is it?
How much can fish see?
What kinds of lure action do fish react to?
The important things in fishing are all in the water.

Our products enable you
to understand where fish are
and what kind of actions you should give to your lures
given the data of your fishing experience.

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  • YukiOkamura
  • Yuki Okamura
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Okamura is the Chief Executive Officer since the Company’s founding in March 2017.

He won a top award in “IoT Idea Contest” jointly hosted by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Makuake Inc in April 2016.

Prior to founding smartLure, Okamura worked as a journalist in one of the biggest newspaper companies in Japan.

Okamura received his Master of Business Administration degree from Globis Management School in 2013.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in biological engineering from Tokyo University of Science.

When Okamura was in junior high school, he enjoyed fishing for carp and black bass around Chiba Prefecture. Since moving to Hokkaido in 2015, he is enthusiastic about fishing for trout.

  • SatoshiMoriwaki
  • Satoshi Moriwaki
    Interim Chief Technology Officer, co-founder

Moriwaki leads the development of graphics software as a manager in a major IT company in Silicon Valley.

He is experienced launching Internet businesses and developing signal processing software for mobile phone manufacturers.

Moriwaki received his master’s degree in Mathematical Science from the University of Tokyo.

He began sea fishing and lure fishing while in elementary school, and now enjoys bass fishing in the US.

  • DaisukeFunato
  • Daisuke Funato
    Interim Chief Product Officer, co-founder

Funato started his carrier as a freelancer engaged in developing software and information systems. Then he converted his business into a corporation.

Since 2014, he has worked as a technical engineer at the Sapporo International Arts Festival, Funato has been supporting artists of media arts.

He got his master’s degree in information design from Future University Hakodate.

He started fishing on rivers and now mainly fishes for rockfish near Sapporo.

  • SotaTakahashi
  • Sota Takahashi
    Marketing Director, co-founder

Takahashi founded and managed SciReal, a media company mixing science and entertainment.

He entered Hokkaido University in 2016 after graduating from Ikeda Senior High School, which is attached to Osaka Kyoiku University.

Takahashi enjoys river fishing and SABIKI fishing at sea. Recently he started fishing for rockfish.

  • TakayoshiIshii
  • Takayoshi Ishii
    Hardware Engineer

Ishii the first employee of smartLure corp. He has engaged in developing IoT-devices and humanoids at DMM.make AKIBA, the biggest base for hardware startups in Japan, since its founding. His nickname is “Nushi,” meaning “boss man” in Japanese, because of his long-term experience.

Ishii wrote a book on robotics, “Animatronics for Beginners.”

He loves fishing for eels. Recently he started angling for Japanese sea bass.His fishing style is “Catch and eat”.

  • GunzoKawamura
  • Gunzo Kawamura
    Science Advisor

Kawamura is currently a Distinguished Fellow at Malaysian University of Sabah.

He received his Doctor of Fisheries Science degree from Hokkaido University and afterwards worked as professor at Kagoshima University.

Kawaura is the author of many books, such as “An in Introduction to Angling: Leveraging the Behavioral Habits of Fish (Kodansha Bluebacks),” which are highly praised for their combination of fluid description and academic evidence.

Company Profile

Corporate name smartLure Corporation
CEO Yuki Okamura
Main Office Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Business ・Create a new market for anglers utilizing IoT
・Design and Develop devices for fishing
・Operate media for anglers
Date of Establishment March 30, 2017
Legal counsel AZX Law Office
Accounting Advisor Certified Public Accountant Yuichi Takahashi Office


April 2016

Best award at "IoT Idea Contest" hosted by Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Makuake Inc
Learn more (external link)

October 2016

Best award at No Maps NEDO Dream Pitch
Learn more (external link)

March 2017

Company foundation

May 2017

Join SHARP IoT.make Bootcamp
Learn more (external link)

October 2017

Patent applied for "fishing support system"

March 2018

Launched "スマルア技研", the web-magazine for anglers
Learn more(external link)